PostHeaderIcon Why Use An Empowerment Specialist?

An empowerment specialist works with people of all ages and all backgrounds to help them make positive changes to their behaviour.

Why use an empowerment specialist?Many schools have mentors or pastoral staff whose task (among many others) is to deal with children who are displaying challenging or difficult behaviour.

But pastoral staff have other roles too – they have to juggle the administrative load while maintaining a high quality level of teaching – and they often feel overwhelmed and under pressure. Through no fault of their own, their time with pupils is limited and so the opportunity to make effective change is reduced.

Mentors are invaluable at helping pupils improve their attitude to learning and achieving targets, but they do not treat deep emotional or behavioural problems.


Over ten years experience of working with young people in schools

We have specialist expertise and experience of working with young people between the ages of six and eighteen. We can help disadvantaged children and pupils who are consistently failing to achieve their full potential.

There are many children who can and do benefit from working with an empowerment specialist: 

  • Pupils at risk of exclusion
  • Those with poor literacy
  • Young carers
  • Looked after children
  • Gifted and talented children
  • Pupils who have eating disorders or obesity issues
  • Those who are finding it hard to settle into school or form relationships
  • Pupils who have experienced personal crises – for example, bereavement, bullying or difficulties at home


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