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We’ve run some hugely successful workshops around the country and achieved some real success with pupils of all ages.


TestimonialsThese are some of the testimonials we’ve received.

What the pupils are saying:

“I just want to say thank you for working with us Tonya. You are great! I now know how to express my feelings instead of lashing out. This project has helped me to calm down”.
Samantha from Holy Trinity.

“Everything was great and Tonya was brilliant. I’ve learnt how to love myself now. The book launch event at the central library was fun.”

“I love this project. I wish I could have Tonya every day.”
Sharra from Handsworth Wood Girls.

“I’ve learnt that my mind body and spirit needs to be healthy. I know more about myself and what I’ve been hiding. I’ve enjoyed all the activities because Tonya is very understanding and always empathises. The project was awesome! I loved the ending performance. I’ve never spoken so many of my true feelings at once. Tonya is a really friendly person. She is very warm and a good role model. I’m glad I got to know her. I’m proud of her because she put all this together to help us. I would recommend this project to every girl (even those who are confident and pretty) because there is something to learn for everyone. This programme should be in the school curriculum.”
Deborah. St Albans.

“I loved everything about the project. Tonya is brilliant. The programme has helped me deal with a lot of stuff. I am now eating more healthy food and know how to love myself.”

“I enjoyed working with Tonya and her staff. I learnt a whole load of stuff. I thought no one would understand.  I think there should be more projects like this in the future to help more girls around the country. I think it would be so effective if this project was a part of the curriculum. I am going to miss this project and working with Tonya.”

“This programme has had a great impact on my life. I’ve learnt to love myself for who I am inside. I’ve also learnt to be positive and how to express my feelings in a healthy way. I would rate the quality of the project 100 out of 100. Tonya is AMAZING and so is her staff. I would rate Tonya 200 out of 200 because she is a genuine and lovely person.”

“All of the project was amazing. I think this project was a great experience and other girls could learn to love themselves and be more happy and confident. Tonya has also been a great help to us by encouraging us to be more positive about ourselves.”

“Thank you Tonya, you and your writing spoke to me that day and you gave me some good advice. You really made me understand myself a bit more.”
Charlene, year 11.

“When I heard your poetry it touched my heart, you really know how to reach people. Keep doing what you do because it is inspirational.”
Devon, year 11.

“People have tried to make me see many times, but it didn’t work. Tonya has helped me to see things in another way and changed my thinking in a few sessions.”
Stacy, year 10, Perry Beeches school – attended an empowerment programme for a group at risk of exclusion and problems with anti social behaviour and truancy.

“I have changed because when I started, I was really naughty and angry. But now I am very well behaved … I’ve learnt how to express myself in different ways like writing … my attitude to reading has changed too and I’ve learnt to communicate better and think about the way I speak to people.”
Lauren – attended a creative arts programme for looked after children and young carers at Shenley Court School.

“I have learnt how to control myself without lashing out and what it means to be assertive. I loved the drama because my partner and me worked as a team. It was very good but I would like you to come every week and not stop till year 11 … it was worth giving up lessons to come to this course."
Adil, year 7, Aston Manor school – attended an empowerment programme for boys with poor literacy and behaviour problems.

“Having Tonya weekly was a great activity to look forward to. She is a great person that has the ability to change a person … she helped us see things from a different perspective. If you prefer being taught in a fun, interactive and private manner where you can be as open as possible, then Tonya is the person to be around!”
Geraldine, Holte School – attended a project for girls under achieving.

“The quality of the programme was excellent. I have learnt how to get along with people like teachers and pupils other than my friends.”
Larissa, year 9.

“This course has changed my life for the better by putting me in a better position. I am much happier and I’ve learnt how to deal with my anger without using violence. I have really benefited from this course and I thank Tonya for coming to work with us.”
Amy – attended the Healthy Living project for girls aged 12-15 with eating problems.

“It was the greatest workshop I’ve ever been to."
Umar, Moseley School – attended a workshop on cultural diversity.


What the teachers are saying:

The Assistant head teacher of Holy Trinity Catholic Media Arts College said she was “blown away by the progress of the girls, the work produced and their performances.”

Mark Gregory, the Assistant Head at St Albans has noticed that the girls involved in the project value themselves a lot more and see themselves as “important and special ... taking the girls out of lessons for almost one year was a very radical step for the school ... but we believe it has impacted their lives and their futures positively.”

“The range of activities provided was something everyone felt a part of. It was a very inclusive project despite the mixed abilities of the group.”
Elizabeth Brownrigg - Arts Project Manager at Holy Trinity Catholic Media Arts College.

“Thank you so much for coming to speak to our pupils who have said how inspirational your words were. You were able to tap into their spirituality and I am sure you enabled them to prepare for the next stage in their lives as for their GCSE exams … your approach is particularly valuable for pupils with challenging behaviour since you hold their interest whilst maintaining a strong sense of control.”
Mrs M Barwell - Head of Religious Studies, Saint John Wall RC School, Birmingham.

“Quite challenging but rewarding. Tonya’s workshop has taught me to dare to do this sort of thing with pupils myself … I think talking about grief really helps young people (and not so young). We don’t do this enough in school!”
Teacher from St Paul’s school. The Birmingham Catholic Partnership Annual Inset Day.

“Really creative, very inspirational … my mind was overflowing."
Teacher from Cardinal Wiseman. The Birmingham Catholic Partnership Annual Inset Day.

What educational professionals are saying:

Peter Marsh, Chair of Governors at St Albans Engineering Academy said, “it was a very powerful and moving project ... the school needs to have projects like this to compliment the academic side.”

“Tonya interacts well with children and young people. She is a confident communicator and works to extremely high standards. Tonya has developed workshops for us and provided effective strategies to help pupils cope with bullying and build self-esteem and confidence.”
Marcia Harvey-Project Co-ordinator at Birmingham Children’s Fund, commenting on a project for newly arrived and refugee children from Harborne Hill School.

What the parents are saying:

“I really enjoyed attending the ICU programme. If we had this type of programme as children or teenagers to prepare us for life, I feel we would have had more self-love to begin with. I feel this programme will enable me to give this to my children & others.”
Anita, parent.

“Tonya has been a great asset to my family & me. She understands people & how they feel which makes a great difference.”
Dawn, parent.

“Tonya is a very positive & strong-minded person. A brilliant leader.”
Saida, parent.


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