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About ICU Transformational ArtsICU Transformation Arts was founded by Tonya Bolton, an inspirational empowerment specialist, dynamic performer and innovative writer. She is creative, vibrant and has a clear vision and purpose.

“From my life experiences, I have discovered the secrets of helping people create the life they long for. In order for people to change their lives, they have to first change their thinking. My greatest desire is for people to fulfil their potential and break free from destructive patterns of behaviour.”
Tonya Bolton.

Tonya is a positive role model for young people and the combination of her qualities and experiences make her approachable and genuine.

Objective and non-judgemental

Tonya understands the complex issues facing young people and helps them make better life choices in an objective and non-judgemental way. With her openness, sensitivity, patience and resilience, Tonya has a natural ability to empower pupils to do and be their very best.

“Tonya is very understanding and always empathises.”
Deborah, St Albans.


Honest and open

Tonya uses her wide range of life experiences together with an extraordinary ability to relate to people from all backgrounds and cultures to share her personal narrative with humour and honesty, inspiring all who hear her.

“I’ve learnt to be positive and express my feelings in a healthy way.”


Understanding borne out of experience

Much of what Tonya teaches is drawn from her own experiences. Born and bred in Birmingham, she has a deep understanding of the community and its needs. At 15, she found herself homeless and came into contact with a variety of people from all walks of life. At 18, Tonya developed a passion for the arts and began performing locally. She soon started seeing her work published, and while still living in homeless accommodation, she worked two jobs to finance her first degree.

“Your approach is particularly valuable for pupils with challenging behaviour since you hold their interest whilst maintaining a strong sense of control.”
Mrs M Barwell, Head of Religious Studies, Saint John Wall RC School, Birmingham.


A positive role model for young people

Tonya delivers transformational programmes around England and has performed in Washington DC and throughout the UK. Published in numerous anthologies and academic journals, she is currently in the process of completing her PhD & about to tour her one woman show. She also runs another organisation called The Woman Arise Institute.

“If we’d had this type of programme as children or teenagers to prepare us for life, I feel we would have had more self-love to begin with.”
Anita, parent.

Tried and tested strategies

Her strategies are tried and tested by her personally. She knows what works and what doesn’t. This is particularly powerful with young people who can smell pretence a mile off. Given her personal history, it’s not surprising that she gains such a high degree of respect from children.

“I would rate Tonya 200 out of 200 because she is a genuine and lovely person.”
Trevesha, pupil.

10 years experience of working in schools alongside educational strategies.

Tonya has a sound understanding of the national curriculum, educational strategies and the needs of young people. Her programmes are extremely successful in significantly improving the mental and emotional well-being of young people. In 2009. Tonya Bolton was nominated by CBLC for The Female of the Year award and The Healthy Living Award.

“Tonya interacts well with children and young people. She is a confident communicator and works to extremely high standards. She has provided effective strategies to help pupils cope with bullying and build self-esteem and confidence.”
Marcia Harvey, Project Co-ordinator at Birmingham Children’s Fund, a project for newly arrived and refugee children from Harborne Hill School.


Our clients

We have worked with the BIG Lottery Fund, Birmingham City Council, Birmingham libraries, Birmingham Children’s Fund, Birmingham Young Carers, The Birmingham Catholic Partnership, The Belgrade Theatre, Children in Need and many creative partnerships and numerous schools throughout the West and East Midlands.


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